Sunday, 11 March 2012

The denim shirt and jeans combo

with a red ribbon bow, embracing the weather on Primrose hill; with vintage top and asos shoes
So, if you read my previous post you would know that I saw Florence and the Machine last night. It was amazing! She was amazing! I was so gutted that Spector wasn't supporting that night (I thought they were until my bro informed me early afternoon that they weren't playing every London date) as I was extremely excited about singing along with Fred.

The horrors were beautiful. I spent a majority of the time staring admiringly at Rhys because he was directly in front of me (bar a few rows of people) and he's so lovely so how could I possibly not? and getting severely annoyed with two drunk girls who spent most of the set shouting rude remarks such as "GET OFF THE STAGE!", "WE WANT FLORENCE!" and "YOU'RE SO BORING!"

And I want to be Florence Welch.

It was definitely worth the £90-ish spent on a second-hand ticket and I seriously have the best brother in the world for buying them.

I hope you're all keeping well! :-) xx

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