Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The first days of spring

dress, vintage; shoes, Asos

Hello! I'm not that great at doing outfit posts, am I? My poses are awkward and my face looks messed up but I tried my best! (Oh how I wish I was model material)

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and what gorgeous weather it decided to bring with its arrival. Something tells me it's not going to last but I thought I'd embrace it anyhow.

Giving my wardrobe a new life in the form of pretty pastels, cheery colours, and beautiful dresses is now taking shape and the following (to show a minority) could not be more fitting.

Light and sugary and delectably sweet: Acne shorts, Jonathan Saunders top, Preen blazer
Casual athleticism, perfect for care-free days: Mulberry shorts and Gucci top

Please note: I cannot actually afford any of those clothes.


  1. n'awh you look great ;D love your shoes!

  2. Beautiful colors! <3

    Greetings from Finland,


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