Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday evening playlist

stripes courtesy of Asos 

I am awfully sorry for the lack of posting! To put it simply, I stupidly broke my laptop and had to wait until my bro came home this weekend so he could sort me out with another one.

Regina Spektor is back!
Isn't that just fabulous news? Her new single All The Rowboats is enthralling and, like with all her music, your mind will abandon any form of reality and be lead by the  melodies on an imaginary journey.
In this case, due to the frantic pace and darker tone, I am being chased by evil- sprinting down side streets and hiding behind postboxes, jumping over barb wire fences and anxiously glancing behind me.

On a bit of a contrast, I now have a new shout-along song (everybody has one. You know, where you hear it and just can't help singing it at the top of your voice with super aggression)
It was Chevy Thunder by Spector, then Chi Town by The Cribs (which, of course, still make me shout along) and now it's The Enemy's new one Gimme The Sign. I sort of neglected The Enemy and forgot all about them but this song has so much energy, it's ORSUM. (I say that in a Tom Clarke's voice)

Finally, I adore this with all my heart because

a) it's such a perfect combo- the marvellous Horrors and the enchanting, completely sublime Florence Welch,
 and b) It makes me even more excited about Saturday the 10th March.
This was performed at the NME Awards the other day because every year there is some form of collaboration that happens.

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  1. hope laptop crisis gets sorted soon! lovely post dudee xxxx


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