Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter, lovely followers

The meaning of Easter has changed over the years. It's now less about religion and more about indulging in an assortment of chocolaty yumminess. It's also the perfect excuse to take advantage of our tastebud's affection for sweetness and therefore delve into an afternoon of baking fun.

My sister, Jo, was home and together we tried our hands at orange hot cross buns and cupcakes with a festive twist. I'd give you one (we made too many) if I could :-(

Also, could Prada's Candy perfume be a more fitting companion for my egg and chocolate bunny this morning? It's delectably indulging and incredibly irresistible. Thanks, mother!

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  1. save me one;) <3

    aww you have cake skills!

    happy easter xx


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