Tuesday, 1 May 2012

G'day, fashion week Australia

Romance Was Born

There could not be a more fitting time for this collection to be showcased. With its homage to action-filled, comic book creativity and its cartoony make-up combined with the release of the new Avengers film, it's enough to make any woman want to dress up and fight evil in a sexy, empowering manner. The collection is made up of hypnotic, audacious patterns that transport you into its vitality and there are plenty of bold, confident colours of red, yellow and pink and the sturdy structural build alongside the fiery red hair simply states 'don't mess with a woman like me'


A tropical bird in an Australian rainforest or an explorer on LSD. Whichever way you look at it, the beautiful combination of colours which effortlessly run amongst each other are like the burning rays of sunshine on an irresistible summer's day. These are followed by exciting designs filled with leopard prints and aboriginal style patterns

Gary Bigeni

In contrast, simplicity and city chic were more the overall concepts here and included were belted jumpsuits, glossy, black leather in the shape of a skirt and dress, and an occurring pallet of luscious, sea blues. 

(Please note: More to come but due to exams creeping closer my posting is limited #sadface)

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