Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Horrors, Brixton Academy

The horrors are a cool band. They are the kind of guys who you look at and just want to be their friends. Especially with their effortlessly endearing style and stage presence that is natural to them just like their ability to produce irresistible, entrancing music that draws you in in a dark but enjoyable manner.

Gone are the the Goth-filled days of their earlier career when they smothered themselves (more so than now) in black attire, weighed themselves up with great masses of hair spray and, of course, the make-up around the eyes. And, although the crowds nowadays are less prone to crowd surfing and breaking spectacles as they fall off the face and get battered amongst the crowd, the anarchy the band would have witnessed is now more present in the lighting than anywhere else- as the constant flashes of pure white were enough to make anyone feel slightly knocked about.

And with the 25th May being the biggest date on their current UK tour, I am certain that The Horrors did themselves proud. I'd now like to point out that my pictures are appallingly bad, due to it being difficult to actually get a shot without the lighting interfering and because the enthusiastic gentleman in front of me kept slapping me around the face with his dreadlocks. But please, take my word for it, they were good live!

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