Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hype it up

It's better late than never to state this but last Monday Katzenjammer (Aka the coolest girl band since...Warpaint? and also my current obsession)  released A Kiss Before You Go, the follow up to 2010 d├ębut, Le Pop and to say it's toe-tappingly brilliant would be an understatement.

Background information: Katzenjammer are an all female, Norwegian country-folk, pop band whose music originates from the depth of hyperactivity and their pleasant kookiness combined with light-hearted lyrics about great granny's cherry pie make for the perfect remedy for the feeling of solemn laziness.

Consider it your extroverted best friend. Somebody whose company will not bore you or send you into a somewhat deep sleep. Consider it the triple chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberries of your musical taste buds. Mmm satisfying.


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