Sunday, 17 June 2012

London Collections: Men DAY THREE

The third and final day went along the lines of what's below.
(I am still not responsible for the photos, as much as I wish I was)

J. W. Anderson
There was a cutesy, feminine touch gently swirling around the ICA during J.W. Anderson's showing. There's soft colours of yellow, pink, blue, and lilac, teddy bear t-shirts,  and see-through tops and trousers with a floral-like appliqué. 
Margaret Howell
Margaret Howell has created a lightweight, easy-going assortment of shirts, sweaters and rolled-up trousers. 

Baartmans and Siegel
At Baartmans and Seigel, April (and May, June, July, August..) showers have been taken into consideration where the Liam G parka and slim, shiny anoraks are present. The colour pallet is very nonchalant- white and greys- and the complementing sunglasses only create more of a calm and collected persona. 

Richard Nicoll
Then at Richard Nicoll, looks were sporty but suave with tennis whites, casual suits partnered with converse-style trainers, and slick shorts

Omar Kashoura
Forget granny chic as it's all about granddad chic now. Or so it is throughout Omar Kashoura's latest offering with the presence of aran sweaters and grey, kept-to-tradition suits.

Meadham Kirchhoff
Which brand would be the one to sport the face masks on the third consecutive day of fashion shows? Of course, only Meadham Kirchhoff! As you are probably aware, Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff like to make a statement with their clothes (especially in a bold and kooky manner) I am yet to be informed on what their concept is, but my initial thought was unemployment- the messy, sleepover setting with bored, sprawled about men in pyjamas and trainers, seemingly giving up on life. Unsurprisingly, there is no lack of colour as the punks with electrifying pink hair and dyed blue eyebrows have proven.

Pringle of Scotland
And light knitwear, such as Argyle and camouflage-style sweaters and slender cardigans, can be found at Pringle of Scotland. That and the radiant blue and pleasant tailoring which adds a bit more variety to what is Alistair Carr's final Pringle of Scotland menswear collection before he is replaced by an in-house design team.

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