Saturday, 16 June 2012

London Collections: Men DAY TWO

A selection of what jour nombre deux of the London Collections had to offer.
(pictures, once again, from the official website)


What is it with men hiding their faces? Today it was Sibling's turn, although there were humorous elements to it- such as the huge pom poms which gave more of an impression of a friendly monster than a down town looter. Gangsters are very much a theme of this collection, however, what with the gold, skull chain embroidery and baggy t-shirts.


MAN is the perfect way of showcasing rising talent and this year's three new stars are as follows:

Agi and Sam- Here there are woven suits in light floral designs, Japanese style prints over blues and oranges, and a bundle of 80's moustaches.

It is game on at Astrid Andersen with the large basketball vests over baggy shorts, the mesh fabrics, and the see-through tops with lime green appliqué showing off the well looked after bodies. 

And free and loose is how Shaun Samson roles. In his collection you can find finely knitted sweaters finished with an excess white and shorts that flow more like skirts (but, because in a robotic silver or accompanied by a cat with an ample amount of piercings, you know it's anything but girly) 

E Tautz
A burst of fuchsia commenced the show and this was followed by a surge of yellow and an explosion of turquoise. Combined with the smart black and navy tailored-wear, it creates a fresh and summery ambience.

Katie Eary
Katie Eary describes her designs as 'glamorous streetwear' and for her latest collection this is made apparent from the, at first glance, exuberant designs in opulent colours. Although, when looking more closely, you can see that the designs are made up of fish, their scales, and the ripples of a perfect ocean.
Christopher Shannon
To me, there seems to be a bird theme taking place for this spring, summer collection. Models walked down the runway in tinsel-like wigs (which could resemble a bird's nest) and the fringing continues, large and distinct, in huge gatherings. Detailing is left intentionally incomplete- like the rugged edges on denim shirts and the sections of coloured stripes- but this all contributes to the interesting, innovative look of the garments.

Mr Start
Quite simply formal wear for the young and trendy. There is nothing odd or old-fashioned about the tailored suits the collection mostly consists of and each one is stylish and appealing- perfect for those starting their first 'real' job in the city.

Tailored clothing has gone casual with Clive Darby's RAKE collection. Double breasted blazer jackets are paired with loose-fitted trousers and there is an all round holiday feel with the sandals, shorts, beaded chains, and jewellery.

James Long
And at James Long, because of the monochrome colours and electronic-style patterns, it is as though we have been transported into a sci-fi world, surrounded by all things technological, whilst mingling with secretive men who continuously seek to battle trouble. 

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  1. Completely crazy to try and wear everyday but beautiful to look at never the less.


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