Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2012 campaign film

Breaking news: A space ship of futuristic, sci-fi induced clothing is heading our way in time for autumn and Alexander McQueen (with model Suvi Koponen and director David Sims) have just boarded that ship.

At first the autumn winter collection is a bundle of creatively furry, fluffy, beauty which leaves one wanting to leap amongst the copiously snug dresses and curl up and nap like a tiresome kitten, but there's more to the dark visors (those that mysteriously accompanied each model on the runway earlier this year) than what meets the eye.

Slip one on and you are transported into the midst of space with exploding hypnotic rainbow colours bursting and travelling around you. Not fazed in the slightest, you will stand motionless, transfixed by your surroundings. This is not the 60's though and an LSD- provoked adventure, this is 2012 inspired by the future.

What do you think of the film? Is it what you'd expect from an Alexander McQueen creation? or has Sarah Burton taken it too far?

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