Friday, 20 July 2012

pearls and stars

What I love about this Asos tunic dress is how floaty and dreamy it is and the way that, when I wear it, I just want to elegantly prance about (or not so elegantly, as Tasnim understood while she kindly took the above photos) without a care in the land.

Sixth form is now over for the summer, which is fant├ístico as it means I can now relax and be free from the stress of education. I'm not really going anywhere though, which is a shame, but I'm sure I can still find ways to have fun. (feel free to share some suggestions)

On the playlist:
Weirdo- The Vaccines
Lay Low- Spector
Under the Westway- Blur

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  1. hehe it was such a good night! so funny :D

    you look lovely too!


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