Monday, 27 August 2012


Who would ever have thought that Big Bird would become an inspiration for fashion designers? Yet when models strutted down the runway in a mass of bright yellow fur on numerous occasions, I could not help but think that.
 Cosy clothing is always sought after during winter. In those particular times, there is nothing more satisfying than wrapping up in a snug coat, layers piled up underneath, a woolly scarf around your neck and maybe a hat to protect your ears from becoming red with anger from the weather you've made them face. For many, cosy clothing insinuates fur. Whether it's real of faux, its soft snugly texture is like an adorable pet you can hold to your body, amiably keeping you content.

This year, the brighter the fur the better as Blumarine commenced their show with five neon coats and matching bags, Moschino Cheap and Chic had multicoloured splodges and Meadham Kirchhoff showcased bold stripes, angry faces and straggly bubble gum pink and lilac. Keeping it more low key (as low key as you can with this look...) Fendi and Tom Ford kept things a blazing with a short burst of fiery red and yellow amongst their assortments of black leather.
 For me the award for the most fun fur has to go to Meadham Kirchhoff (who also have the most fun AW collection)


  1. Wow! That second photo is really good shot! I love the explosion of colors!

  2. Love fur, specially in purple, but fake fur.
    Andrea in Fashion

  3. Hola
    me encanta tu blog. Te invito a ver el mio


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