Saturday, 18 August 2012

simply F

Please may somebody give me modelling lessons because I really need them. If only you were to see the other attempts my mother took trying to capture me in this newly customised Jil Sander style cardigan. I was a soldier about to battle with the wind. With my posture completely straight and stern and my eyes (squinting in the sunlight) making me look incredibly moody, it was not a good look. To add to the pessimism, I am beginning to regret doing the 'F' so large. What do you think?

Some may believe that having your initial printed on an item of clothing is egotistical, while others may consider it preppy. I like how designers have been going for this look as a way of making their knitwear recognisably their own and, naturally, I followed their lead.
Kenzo; Marni; Karl; Jil Sander; House of Holland


  1. I like the F that big! It works. I did a similar DIY like this, but yours is better ;).


  2. YOU POSE FINE, FRAN <3 nice DIY ;D hahaa

  3. You just made me look forward to Fall with that lovely cardigan!



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