Saturday, 1 September 2012

walking in the countryside

Sometimes it's nice to roam the great outdoors, abandoning everything that occupies day to day life and replacing it with the sounds of nature, the smell of fresh air and the freedom to explore. Living in the countryside, I am surrounded by fields but today the mother, the bro and I took an outing to a nature park about thirty minutes drive away and spent the afternoon wondering down footpaths alongside lakes and mini woodlands. We found a spot to eat a picnic before feeding some ducks (which resulted in my bro lobbing berries at my head. Childish. As well as salad and grapes, we ate home-made bread (in various animal shapes including a dinosaur and hedgehog (one would imagine me to be five years of age), cupcakes and walnut and macadamia chocolate cookies that I spent yesterday making. With my bro coming home for the weekend last night, I thought it was a good enough reason to spend the day baking. Anyway, as for my outfit, I decided to blend in with my surroundings sticking to a green theme- although that's probably self-explanatory.


  1. lovely photos! loving your headpiece and the jumper! :) xx

  2. Looks so lovely there! And oh my gosh, the home made breads are SO cute! I wouldn't want to eat them because I'd feel I'm murdering them, haha. I bet they were yummy though! Sounds like it was such a relaxing day :)

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  4. Heey you have such a lovely blog and I love your style :)
    would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

  5. We adore your style and your blog, maybe want to follow each other?!:)


  6. Nice pictures and you have a lovely blog!
    Following you now, hope you could check out my blog!


  7. looks so lovely :) very cute outfit, amazing scenery and wow at the dinosaur cake!! lovely blog xx


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