Tuesday, 23 October 2012

from rain to rave

Jacket and shoes Liberty; shirt Topshop; skirt Asos; umbrella Brollies Galore
A look for those dreary, rain and mist driven days that are currently present where I live right now.  Have you ever been casually wondering about and then spotted someone wearing your ideal outfit? For somebody like me who has to imagine myself in the perfect outfits instead of being able to afford to physically buy them, it can happen. In fact, it was only the other day when I caught sight of two girls who between them were wearing a Liberty print Barbour (in the prettiest of the prints) and Liberty print Dr Martens (again, the ones I would have chosen), so-called 'geek glasses' (which, when worn for the purpose of benefiting your eyes, are the cutest of glasses) and an exquisitely printed umbrella that must have been one of a kind because, when browsing the web for a similar sort, I could not find anything like it. Immediate instinct would have been to take a picture but, due to it pouring with rain, I decided against it- now much to my regret!

While that may have seized my attention in the heart of London, 5979 miles away in Tokyo, Kunihiko Morinaga had captured everyone's attention like his latest array clothes capture the bodies which wear them. Only in a forward-thinking and ingenious place like Japan would you find items of clothing made from neon glowing cage-like structures, perhaps more likely to be found in Cyberdog than on a woman during a night out. I'm not even sure if 'clothing' is the right word for the some of the items but there is an innovative beauty surrounding the intricate formation and detailing of the jackets, dresses, socks and headwear and it is definitely visually exciting.


  1. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog hope you visit again soon!
    love the shoes!

  2. aww i love the umbrella! and haha i'll agree, wish i had money too!


  3. Nice look and loving the neon cages! Nice collection x



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