Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Getting spooky part two: Happy Hallowe'en

I kind of miss the days as a child when I'd dress up as a devil or a vampire and stalk through my village with my neighbours in hunt for sweets. Then we'd rush inside, tip our goods on the carpet and argue over who would have what. Nowadays, it just seems rude to go knocking on people's doors expecting to be handed sweets.

This is Tasnim and I's interpretation of a more sophisticated Halloween. We took to the secretive patch of my back garden where skimpy tree branches spread out above our heads, capturing our sense of freedom, and slimy rocks beneath our feet turn us anxious with fear of slipping. I am unsure of what look I am channeling- perhaps grungy, keeping to devilish colours of red and black and heals that could potentially slice you open if you dared get on the wrong side of me. Tasnim, on the other hand, is a glamorous witch with a to-die-for backpack.

Whatever you get/got up to, I hope you had lots of fun and released that inner child of yours! Mwah(a ha haaa) xoxo


  1. Me too- I never really trick or treated but until recent.y dressing up has lost its luster for me. Loving both your outfits, so cute for Halloween

  2. Cute. :)

    Have a nice day dear!


  3. This is a very sophisticated Halloween indeed. Love your take on it. Great outfits

  4. You both look lovely! And much classier than the girls walking round town in next to nothing...

  5. aww was so much fun!


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