Sunday, 21 October 2012

sixties fun.

Mini skirts, flower power, beehives, Twiggy, Woodstock, Biba, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. Whatever the sixties brings to mind, it is hard to ignore the influential status it maintains as decades go by. So much influence, in fact, that it's a go-to era for themed parties everywhere.

Yesterday evening, I went to one of those parties. One where people I wasn't familiar with/ had never met are now going to be stored in my memory as 'the John Lennon guy'- just to make life more awkward if we ever meet again. My outfit was less exciting; I gathered together the closest I had to sixties style (a short jumper dress and houndstooth tights) and made do with that. The photo was taken in my sister's living room beforehand.

Speaking of my sister, the birthday cake went down so much better than I anticipated! The grated chocolate orange was heavenly and the thick coverings of chocolate butter cream were pleasantly comforting to the taste buds. Maybe it's not always about appearance...


  1. great post!

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  2. This sounds like such a fun party!! I wish there were parties like that where I live :( ... hehe


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