Monday, 26 November 2012

Model love: Miranda Kerr

It's the beginning of the week and the chances are you can't be bothered with anything- At least this is the case with me as I, once again, face the tediously stressful/ boring villain that is school. Sigh. All-around cutie Miranda Kerr demonstrates how you can still look strikingly stylish without making much of an effort, with her Isabel Marant coat and boots. What is wonderful about this outfit is that it's simplicity means we can easily throw together our own interpretations without the help of Marant. A basic tee, a denim shirt, boyish style coat, leather shorts, patterned boots and a simple black's the beginning of the week and the chances are you already own a majority of these items. woohoo :-)


  1. she's actually replacing the model for Mango too, aw i love her :)

  2. Love her style!

  3. She is a great model. I love her style.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. Amazing photos, I love this model.

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  5. Love her style, great post!
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  6. Absolutely love her and her casual style!
    S xx

  7. She's far too beautiful and stylish for words, *sigh*.

    // xx


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