Thursday, 22 November 2012

twinkle twinkle

During the Christmas season, it's inevitable that all things glittery, shiny and gleaming with opulence are going to form backdrops in your mind. Tinsel, baubles, coloured lights, sweet wrappers endlessly appearing in your hands covering chocolates urging you to munch on in a guilt-free manner. Whatever's around you, it seems even (some of) the tackiest of things have a special presence to them at Christmas.
It's lovely to glamour-up any time of the year but during this particular season the desire to sparkle like the North star and guide everyone to a dazzling way of dress feels a lot more inclinable- for me anyway. Therefore, I've put together a small mood board which shimmers like the snow around Santa's grotto and leaves me with a tingling sense of exciting. Yes, it's not even December but I could not wait any longer and, it's probably worth noting, if you're in any way a Scrooge, Going Round The Mulberry Bush may not be the best place to visit over the coming weeks ;-)

  1. Like fresh snowflakes resting your head that will never ever melt, Jennifer Behr's starry hair accessories are perfect for winter.
  2. Because you can always rely on Topshop for something to fit your fashion needs.
  3. Party outfit? yes please. Mango dress and choker; Miu Miu boots
  4. French Connection jacket and  Maje t-shirt rounded off with leather trousers
  5. De Beers earrings 
  6. Stand out in headwear from Jane Taylor
  7. or for a more casual look, a festive knit (like Preen's) over a embellished collared shirt create the most faultless of combinations. Here it's paired with Karl shorts and Miu Miu brogues


  1. I'll take allll the glittery shoes, please!

  2. I LOVE the pink sequined cardi, so so cute!

  3. All glittery!!! I like all of them, reminds me so much of Christmas! Yay!

    xx Daphne of

  4. AHH! GLITTER! MY WEAKNESS! Love this haha.

    Lela -

  5. I'm not a big fan of all things glitter, but Christmas really is the perfect season for that!

    Tamara's Blend

  6. So beautiful sparkling inspiration! Love every item you chose.. Pretty ^^

    Thanks so much for stopping by some time ago. :) I'm not sure if I visited you back already, since I've been on a short break but I'm here now! You have such a cute blog.

    I hope you visit anytime again. x Have a lovely Sunday!

    Indie by heart


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