Thursday, 6 December 2012

Chanel Pre-Fall 2013

When Fall approaches, there is no other country quite like Scotland that sets an idyllic scene containing the perfect winter outfit. A long tweed coat wrapped around a thick cashmere sweater and rounded off with a tartan scarf all keep you looking snug and sumptuous as you head towards the fire-lit cottage, a plate of shortbread sat waiting patiently for your return. Given Chanel's connection with the country and its fabrics, it only seemed right for Lagerfeld to showcase a collection there, fully embracing what we understand and love, and Edinburgh's Linlithgow Palace was the rightfully chosen destination. There was a historic feel within the collection as well as the surroundings as the array of white gowns, closing the show, rich with puffed sleeves, lace and feathers took us back to a period when lords and ladies ruled the land. Tartan, fair isle, argyle, tweed, wool, the trademark Chanel jackets and Stella Tennant commencing the show were the components forming this delicacy and all of which stuck firmly to the brand and the country's routes. There was even the opportunity for Hudson Kroenig to make another catwalk appearance, this time in a kilt and black tamoshanter. A d o r a b l e.


  1. oh gosh, all of this collection was just so inspiring to look at! thanks for posting this!

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  2. gorgeous collection!
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  3. These are so gorgeous! I love how delightfully British they look!

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  4. These are amazing - I love the colors! *.*
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