Sunday, 2 December 2012

sequins and stars.

Wow, who is this female I can sort of see in these photographs? Yes, I know. It's been ages since I've last produced a blog post with me actually in it but literally nothing has happened in my life worth blogging about! Yesterday Tasnim and I spent the day traipsing around shops before meeting up with some of our besties for an Italian meal. I brought some presents and some earrings, ate my first mince pie of December and fell in love with the Lego store. Tasnim brought a beautiful outfit for the evening, ate a not-so-hot 'hot chocolate' cupcake and fell in love with the Disney store. (just in case you can't tell, we are eighteen years of age)

Every year, a new festive customisation takes place. Last year it was a top with a penguin in a Christmas hat and the year before it was a snowman cardigan. This year it's the turn of the denim shirt and, unlike the previous years, I decided to do something a little more subtle. I added my own Christmasy twist to the much-seen collar tips, using red sequined fabric, and sewed on the mini felt stars after spotting them in Paperchase and thinking 'hey, these may come in handy!' At first glance though, they do kind of look like cat paws in the middle. hmm...


  1. the collar tips are so festively cute! which shopping centre is that, it looks familiar? also, no shame in Disney shopping at eighteen;)

    // xx

  2. DIVINA ! me gusta tu camisa. te dejo mi blog te sigo desde españa :)

  3. I have that jumper (if it's from new look) it's so nice I have to stop myself from wearing it everyday! are you in meadowhall by any chance...

    hollydocx :)

  4. love that shirt <3


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