Saturday, 19 January 2013

snow inspo

The sight of snowflakes descending from the sky is like that of fairy dust trailing from Tinkerbell's wand. A thick covering of snow has the ability to turn an everyday view into a magical scene and, when fresh and untouched, it's delicate and beauteous. As I type this, I am sat by a blazing fire in my living room while outside there's nothing but snow. Snow, snow, snow that's all the UK can talk about right now and it would be an understatement to say it doesn't fill me with excitement. I mean if it's going to be frrreeeeezing, it might as well snow or what is the point?

Feeling inspired, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to embrace all things white and whip out the coconut, making a moreish treat that will warm up your taste buds and leave you feeling deeply satisfied.


  1. The first photograph of McQueen show is great!

  2. Oh my goodness those cakes look so nice!

  3. Nice photos love the cupcakes :)

  4. Those cakes look amazing... Mmm!
    Katie xx

  5. WOW. I want to be an ice queen!

    those cakes look delish!



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