Tuesday, 26 February 2013

print galore

Let's go on a journey. A journey lead by OTT prints, vivacious colours and fashion week frenzy.
We begin in the present day, in an age where lipstick is a necessity for young women everywhere. So much so that it's no longer just an item for your lips, oh no, thanks to Holly Fulton and her exciting, innovative prints, lipstick now has the ability to beautify shirts, jackets, dresses, even trousers.

We then revert back to pop art. To a period of POW explosions and in-your-face boldness. Having spent eight years away from the runway, Tom Ford certainly made his return with a bang- grabbing my attention with the lively patterns or, in particular, the gold, gleaming hoodie which combines casualness with glamour and some kind of tiger-like print. BOOM.

But if we are going back in time we might as well pay a visit to the hippy era and transport ourselves into a psychedelic, hallucinatory whirlpool of positivity. It may be winter but one would never believe it  if meeting with these eccentric characters from Iceberg.
When looking through the collections during fashion month, there are always two kinds which I'm drawn to. The ones that I scroll through and continuously find myself saying the words 'oh my god, I want that' because everything is so perfect and well-suited for a place in my imaginary wardrobe and then the ones that are more artistic and just fun to look at. These fall into the latter and although 'prints' are something you see time and time again I believe they can never get boring because they can constantly be reinvented into something unique, as Holly Fulton has confidently proven.



  1. I'm LOVING all the prints for this season!!


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