Tuesday, 5 March 2013


As mentioned in a post not so long ago, there are two styles of collections that seize my attention. Issey Miyake's (above) and Saint Laurent (below) definitely fall into the "mmm I'm just going to sit and lust over these" category. What I love about Issey Miyake's is the fun playfulness- The blocking, the bright colours, the stripes. There is an air of formality to it with the tailored trousers and shirts but these are smothered in optimism- a happy-go-lucky mindset that dampens any stress of a boring day's work. With the models strutting their stuff with grins on their faces, how could you not possibly smile too?

 Hedi Slimane, over at Saint Laurent, knows how to supply daywear for a girl who likes her grunge. The autumn winter collection is also perfect for those laid back, 'California cool', effortless days that pretty much rule my life.
Plaid shirts, slouchy cardigans, leather, glitter, rugged denim, pretty dresses and a duffle coat. OK, so it's not traditional Yves Saint Laurent but, name aside, I love it. Do you?


  1. At first I did not like how YSL had been recently presented but the clothes really do appeal to me - so can't complain!

  2. I totally love the outfits in the bottom photo collage, I agree with the lusting over them. Really like your down to earth and witty humourous writing style, Definate follow.
    If you have time would you mind checking out my blog and maybe a follow back? Thanks, would really appreciate it XD.

  3. Don't understand all the negative press over YSL! I love it!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  4. Loove the selections! I'd love it if you dropped by to my blog and if you like we could follow each other?

  5. Love the Miyake collection. X



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