Thursday, 18 April 2013


We all have our opinions on the delicious shininess of Burberry Prorsum's Spring Summer collection and the intergalactic disco ambience at Jonathan Saunders but, whatever our take on the so-called sci-fi trend, we should all take a moment to at least glance at what Shakuhachi has install for Australia's 2014 summer.

I wonder what the perfect planet would be like. Earth has its perks but I'm sure it could be better. If looking at Jessie White's planet from up in space through the Willy Wonka-style glasses present in this collection (which, for the record, are totally awesome), it's a pleasantly decorated planet with pretty flowers and warm weather. The sneakers and bomber jacket represent the care-free, casual mindsets of its inhabitants who do not take themselves too seriously. And the backpacks only mean they are outgoing as there is no time for laziness in the world of Shakuhachi. The structured tops make for a structured society. There's no flaws, no chaos, no bombings or fears of a nuclear attack; everything's happily in its place. The shimmering explosions of the necklaces symbolise the fun atmosphere and the mermaid-like sparkles are like the beauty of both the scenery and the population's personalities. The patch of zebra print found on one of the dresses can only mean animals are present here too and the sweatband style headbands? Well seeing as this is a planet of perfection, it can be home to Rafa Nadal too. Hmm, I don't know. Maybe I should just leave thoughts on this collection with you.


  1. great selects xx

  2. Nice, that silver backpack is extremely cool!

  3. Well, I also happen to think this collection is incredible. xx

  4. i'm liking the whole metallic shine trend!
    i love the playsuit pictured near the bottom left

  5. Yep, in agreement! This metallic stuff is so so fun and fabulous!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  6. Wow this collection is amazing! Love the pvc! Thank you for your comment! x

  7. I love this collection! Its abit sports luxe and shiny! :D I love your blog soo much which I just found now and Im going to be going back to your olde posts now hehe! Im following you on GFC!
    Id love you to check out my blog
    Sofia x


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