Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Do it like a dude

Above is a collection of looks from men's fashion week (fall 2012)

I love the Britishness of Burberry Prorsum, the Gothic ambience of Comme Des Garcons and the ballsiness of   Thomas Browne
(If I saw a guy walking down the street dressed in one of most of the Thomas Browne outfits- specifically the jackets and jumpers which have a huge build on the shoulders to make an uncanny resemblance to the Incredible Hulk- I would run away fast)

On Sunday, my mother and I went into London and stopped at my brother's house for the night, coming back Monday evening.

The two days consisted of a visit to Brick Lane market (where it was a priority to buy one of the delicious coconut cupcakes as pictured), a trip to the Spanish embassy involving a Spanish kid who was screaming and crying to the point where he practically got kicked out, looking in an estate agent window at the flats for sale in Chelsea wishing I had enough money to move in to one, perusing Harrods and Liberty admiring all the beautiful clothes, a look around the David Hockney exhibition and trying my hands at street style photography for the first time (admittedly the pictures aren't at a very professional standard but it was more about me familiarising myself with asking people if they'd mind a picture etc)

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