Monday, 20 February 2012

Christopher Kane appreciation

pjs: Cath Kidston
It was my first day back at sixth form today after a much needed week off where I saw the adorable Chris Addison live. (He may be 40 years old but I still find it acceptable to call him adorable) and yes, I'm sick of school already. 

However, what has put me in a content mood is Christopher Kane's delectable Autumn Winter collection.
I am a complete sucker for most things by Kane and I was over the moon to see that there are many items from this collection (like all of his others) that I will long to own come fall.
My favourites are the purple leopard print jackets with black collars.

But the whole collection has a seductive, Gothic charm surrounding it. Gone was the neon which was replaced with a charming black, attractive purples, and alluring reds. The show began with black and white stripes streaming down the likes of a fur jacket and onto a pair of velvet trousers situated below, and ended with floral, knee-length dresses nicely finished with leather detailing. Lovely.

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