Wednesday, 6 June 2012

colour pop

Resort collections are a great excuse for designers to be a bit more fun, perhaps more carefree, and definitely more embracive towards colour. For Marc Jacobs it is no exception as his latest resorts are bursting with brights and, fortunately for our fashion needs, both in a different way.

At Marc by Marc Jacobs most the attention is drawn towards the hair, which is youthful and audacious, with thick streaks of neon blue, lilac, pure white, and a courageous green.

In terms of the clothes, there is a variation to please pretty much everyone. The colour block stripes and drawstring cotton shorts, followed by a thick ski-like jacket introduce the collection in a sporty manner. Other jackets such as an olive green bomber and a brown sleeveless explorer-type shine in the light via their glossy material, and boho princesses can feel at ease with the maxi dresses and headscarves (to name but a couple) which make an appearance.

Then, at Marc Jacobs, the youthfulness is found within the clothes in the sense that they are vibrant, full of life, and lack no energy. The floral patterns are large and placed with a contrast such as stripes or playful checks. There are no confident issues or introverted behaviour as neon colours are a common sight in the form of pink, yellow, and red. Overall, it's fun and uplifting and no way a market for the most boring of people.

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