Sunday, 10 June 2012

summer with Emma Mulholland and basketball-playing iguanas

The young Australian designer, Emma Mulholland, is taking us deep into the desert where her latest spring summer collection lies. Or should I rather say runs and jumps and skips about. The everyday scenery her Aussie eyes are probably accustomed to (the turquoise and blues of the sea and sky, the yellow and oranges of the sun and sand) are intensified and made into biker jackets, quilted shorts, and exciting fiery patterns found on trousers, a rucksack, cap, and dungarees. 

And then there's the iguanas scurrying over tops, swimwear and shirt pockets (some of which are keeping active with a basketball in their reach). The collection is stylishly athletic, eye-catchingly fresh, and all in all pretty darn enticing.
(Can I have, like,all of it please, including those green shoes pictured above?)

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