Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Endless flowers

Evening all!
Here is a flowery headband I made earlier today. I thought by dressing summery then maybe the weather will see more of a reason to sort itself out and become more fitting to the month it's suppose to be.

Did anybody see the French Open final? I was nearly crying it was so tense. Both players played outstandingly well but Rafael Nadal is just the unbeatable king of clay and I could not be prouder. That moment Djokovic received a double fault when serving and Rafa fell to his knees with tears of elation, before climbing up into the stands and jumping into his uncle Toni's arms...it was beautiful.

If you didn't watch it, I hope the headband above is enough to make this post interesting! :-)

mucho amor


  1. that hairband is so pretty, i love the big yellow flower! lovely :)

    Julia x

  2. aw this is lovely :-) the flowers look fab in ur brown hair!


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