Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Stella McCartney Resort

Pastels? Check
Leopard print? Check
Florals? Check
Oversized checks? Check
Formal suits in a smart black? Check
Chic suits in lively colours such as pink, orange and yellow? Check
Lace? Check
Fringing? Check
Lace and fringing? Check
If you're a fan of any of the above, the chances are you will be satisfied with Stella McCartney's latest resort collection. If you are a fan of all of the above, the chances are you will love it. McCartney knows what people like and she knows how to create pleasing outfits that are going to sell. This eclectic mix has meant she is has included near enough everything that's popular within the public's fashion sense. Nobody is left out. And how can you not appreciate her for that?

My personal favourite: The pastel jumpers which I think are (maybe) the new Christopher Kane and House of Holland stripe jumpers from the last pre-summer collections.

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  1. it's so funky and playful! i'm not sure how i feel about the onesie (haha) but i loooove that fourth look


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