Thursday, 5 July 2012

bienvenida couture 2012 : )

Christian Dior
Of course there was going to be a huge fuss surrounding Raf Simons' debut haute couture collection for Christian Dior, especially as it seemed not one member of the fashion world had a feeling of indifference towards the event.
What was unveiled was an array of womanly shapes made present by the corset style tops projecting out with a bouffant bottom, and the ball gown dresses which followed. Everything was kept formal and ladylike with the occasional pleasant burst of colour in the form of brilliant reds, a charming yellow, a flowing hot pink, and the seductive lipstick which accompanied each model on their genteel strolls down the runway.

Alexis Mabille
Every woman wants to indulge in opulence, float languorously in in a stream of diamonds, immerse deeply in a hot tub of glistening jewels. Every woman wants to shine in amethyst, glimmer in topaz, glow in a stream of pearls. For Alexis Mabille, understanding is key as he smothers women in firmly fixed sequins and dresses of sparkling platinum. 

Giambattista Valli
Once upon a time, during a blossoming Spring evening when dusk was paying its daily visit and the scenic shades of greenery were darkening, the young girl retreated from the eerie castle that at first glance looked oh so inviting. She darted away from the fiery queen who cackled and laughed in between the bossy bellowing and insulting remarks that nonsensically splurted out of her mouth. The young girl did not know where she was going, all she knew was she had reached a forest of towering trees fully dressed in thick layers of leaves, overgrown bushes exploding with petite, pretty flowers, and butterflies which darted about leaving the young girl speechless with wonder. Although, however pleasant it may have appeared, there was a haunting nervousness looming over as nightfall was drawing momentarily closer. 


  1. thanks so much for visiting my blog :)
    your header is adorable
    & i love the dior collection the most!
    that blue skirt is so ladylike and gorgeous!
    hope to see you again soon!
    xx Corinne

  2. I'm happy that you like my journal... At the beginning I was prudent and not sure, doing it, but now I'm trying to do my best!!
    Great collections. I love what you wrote for the last one!

  3. ahh love these collections, its the colour i really love of each collection!:D



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