Sunday, 29 July 2012

going for gold with gingerbread men

Sat solemnly at the bottom of a small bag, colourless, worn and neglected. I don't like to see things treated in this way and I knew that, come my next sort out, they would probably be thrown in the bin. But then, off a diving board of creativity, an idea sprung into my mind and shortly after the above was born: Two gold rings made from two old buttons, a short amount of wire, and gold paint.

Yesterday I also delved into some baking fun and made my very own Team GB gingerbread men. I'm not actually too keen on gingerbread but I became deeply inspired after coming across the adorable 'sporty gingers' available at  As you can see, my baking is no better than a six year old's but my mother was hugely grateful for the diver, badminton player, and sprinter (the middle one could actually be anything) I gave her that afternoon.

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