Monday, 9 July 2012

Irregular much choice

Last week, as I was strolling down Carnaby Street with my mother, our eyes caught sight of the outlandish wedges on display in the window of Irregular Choice. I had never come across this shop before but I am now thankful that I have and this is why...

The shoes that cheekily forced me into the store were garnished in artificial flowers, bushed out and intriguing, that would look just as appealing planted in your garden. And if wasn't them that surrounded my gaze then it was the floral fabric wedges and heals (I am a fan of flowers) of which some included cute little pandas relaxing amongst the colourfulness. Note to self: If I ever succeed in owning a pair, never wear them out when rain is forecast 

All that you will find within Irregular Choice is quirky, kooky, fun, and playful. When checking out the website shortly after, I was delighted to see that the accessories are just as desirable. Strawberry rings, donut earrings, and bags that could easily be discovered in a small girl's play box, are just some examples of what to expect.

So if you like lots of character and the slightly unusual, Irregular Choice was made for you. 


  1. Thanks so much for your adorable comment on my last post and to be' my newest follower !
    I follow you Too!

  2. awwww they are amazing, no?! <3 ;D

    i quite like the pineapple shoe and the rabbit ring aaah!


    mucho love

  3. Haha such cool pics! xx


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