Tuesday, 7 August 2012

an evening in the company of Blur

From the moment the band casually walked onto the stage to the moment they disappeared into the secrecy of backstage, the crowd was a blur of enthusiastic admirers, hyperactively jumping, wholeheartedly singing and dangerously crowd surfing (I nearly got kicked in the head). 

While I was stood on my tiptoes, stretching my neck in order to see past the row of people in front, desperately trying to watch what was happening (the woes of being small) I realised something: Blur are getting old. Graham Coxon and Alex James, to me, will always be the attractive members of the band but, when Graham took off those adorable glasses of his, it hit me and left me feeling slightly saddened. The same goes to Alex as he was bassing out in front me. I really don't want to seem nasty or cause them any offence, and I still love them dearly but that was my initial reaction as I left Wolverhampton's Civic Hall. why can't we stay young forever? Having expressed that, it was a really fun night and I'm extremely delighted to have finally seen them live.

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