Saturday, 4 August 2012

chocolate surprise!

Once your desired cupcake mixture is prepared, begin to transfer into your prettiest cases. Put in half the amount, add chopped up chocolate to the centre and the other half over it. Repeat for all. Once out of the oven, cooled and smelling delicious, whip up icing and squirt on top of each. I then used white chocolate and caramel icing pens for extra decoration and finished off the remaining icing. (How could I resist?)

Today was a fairly laid back Saturday. As well as doing what I've been doing every day this week, getting sucked into all the olympic action (Go Jessica Ennice! Go Andy Murray! Go Andy Murray and Laura Robson! Go the obsession for my new favourite sport, beach volleyball! Go Team GB!!!), I tuned into baking mode and made some cupcakes for Carol, a colleague at the charity shop I volunteer in on Sunday mornings, for her birthday celebrations tomorrow. I hope she likes them because they turned out way messier than I imagined them to look.
Anyway, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Mmm yummy!
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  2. delicious post!!!! Great photos!!!!!!


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  4. These look amazing! so delicious

  5. Chocolate cupcakes are my fave! These look just right! <3


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