Tuesday, 4 September 2012

In conversation with The Vaccines

photo courtesy of Tumblr 
What did you expect from The Vaccines? That's the question Justin Young, Freddie Cowan, Pete Robertson and Arni Hjorvar were asking you March of last year when their first album was released. Now, a year and a bit later, they are back (although they never really went away) with their second instalment, Come Of Age

The second album is always a tricky one. For artists who enter the music scene with so much success, it is often difficult for them to maintain this and release a follow up just as good if not better. However, for The Vaccines, it appears it could not have been easier. They are happy; I am happy; Are you happy?

I caught up with frontman Justin for a quick natter on success and fashion.

For those either new to your music or have yet to listen to the latest album, what can they expect?
Hopefully a better record with better songs. We've worked so hard on writing the best pop songs we're capable of writing and channelling them in an interesting and exciting way.

My first reaction when listening to Come Of Age for the first time was how much your music has developed since your debut. Baring in mind it has been eighteen months and I imagine you have not had much time to sit and think things through, where did the inspiration come from that has resulted in the progression of your sound?
We write songs every day and play together every day too so I think it's a natural thing. Progression is something that is very important to us and we want to push ourselves. I think we just take inspiration from ourselves and the people around us. It's an emotionally honest record.

Tell us about your appearance! Are the long locks (as well as the denim cut-offs your often seen sporting) a look which will stay throughout this second record or do you sense a change ahead?
It's just circumstantial regarding the hair! but the denim represents timelessness and symmetry and a gang-like mentality. It's also practical and fucking cool!

I heard in an interview that you love shoes. What's your favourite pair?
I have lots. I love tods. Footwear evokes so much.

Having travelled all around the world, which would you say is the most stylish city you have been too?
Definitely New York, although Stockholm is very stylish too.

Finally, in your song I Wish I Was A Girl you mention quite a few designers. If you were a girl (or even now if possible) and had to choose one designer whose clothes you would live in, who would it be?
Ralph Lauren. So timeless.

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  1. I have never heard them before...
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  4. They're all really cute guys, haha. I love their music too!


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