Sunday, 9 September 2012

an evening at the Paralympics

When my brother offered me a ticket to the final evening of athletics at the Paralympic Games, I did not hesitate in accepting- especially after not being lucky enough to attend the Olympics. When I found out Oscar Pistorius was competing on that very evening, my excitement was difficult to contain.

The atmosphere inside the stadium was amazing and I am so happy to be able to say I was a part of it. People were constantly clapping, shouting their support and wooing. They were smiling, hugging, and respecting every athlete. There were continuous Mexican waves travelling enthusiastically around the stands and, towards the end in between events and medal ceremonies, sing-a-longs to anthems such as Wonderwall and Don't Stop Me Now

My brother lives less than ten minutes away and, due to arriving and leaving through a back gate unknown or inconvenient to a large majority of the ticket-holders, we didn't even get held up in any queues. Perfect!
I wore Liberty Nike trainers, shorts from Asos, Vintage belt, DIY blouse and cap from H&M.
 In terms of events, it was fantastic to see Tunisia's Tlili win gold in the Shot Put. Her hyper-activeness and over flow of joyous emotions was adorable as she ran and skipped along the running track in celebration, soaking up the crowd and getting in the way of the the men preparing for the 4x400m relay.
Poland's Maciej Lepiato impressed everyone with his high-jumping which lead him to achieve gold with a new world record and Oscar Pistorius' 400m victory was a wonderful end to a wonderful evening (and summer of Olympic/Paralympic track and field events)
Also, I am really sorry for the lack of posting recently but I'm now back at sixth form/college and finding it exceedingly difficult to fit in time to do so. It's horrible and I will try my best to update as regularly as possible!! please stay with me x

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