Wednesday, 12 September 2012

MBFW New York: Lacoste

It has finally happened; Andy Murray has won his first Grand Slam and he could not deserve it more.
I am aware this post is slightly late in the making but, hey, better let than never! After the summer he has experienced (final of Wimbledon + Olympic gold + capturing the nation's heart along the way) Flushing Meadows seemed the most ideal venue for him to reach him dream of holding the trophy at a major tennis event. It's like he's now finished the summer of 2012 in a dreamy, fairytale way and a new chapter can begin.
His play has progressed,
his power has increased,
his maturity on court has grown,
his mindset is more focused,
he has destroyed the tedious barrier that was separating him from the most unbeatable players,
he is a champion

It was a pleasure being curled up in bed watching the action-packed battle of determination, AKA The US Open final. Admittedly I fell asleep after the 2nd set (damn the five hour time difference) but, thanks to the excitable cheers of the crowd, I awoke when Andy was 3-0 up in the fifth and final set (therefore missing the segment of the match where Djokovic was playing the better tennis) and maintained firmly awake, eagerly hoping for the beautiful ending that soon arrived.

While that took place in one area of New York, at fashion week, Lacoste had showcased another tennis extravaganza- this time in the form of clothes.

Pristine whites and sporty shapes decorated with tennis rackets, balls, courts and even umpire chairs make the perfect outfit for, say, spectating at Wimbledon (rain coats included for you when you need one) It all sounds very over-the-top and cheesy but I think Felipe Oliveira has done a wonderful job in making stripes and polka dots look innovative and exciting with Lacoste's athletic aesthetics kept securely intact.
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