Sunday, 7 October 2012

otoño ya está aquí

Myself and the cold are not the closest of friends. I tend to resent its harshness through gritted teeth and wish to myself how pleasant it would be if its company was not present. Having said that, I believe there isn't anything much more satisfying than sitting with a hot chocolate by a chimney lit fire, or snuggling under the bed covers with a hot water bottle, or lounging about in a cosy jumper, or hypnotically staring out the window at snow falling from the sky, or Christmas time. But they are the only exceptions.

I also believe that Autumn is the most picturesque of seasons with the merge of orange, yellow and browns, the image of the occasional squirrel darting through piles of leaves, and the sun peaking through scenic trees during early evenings. So despite how much I hate the nippy temperatures I have to endure during my early morning walks to the bus stop, I made this headband (out of leaves and a conker) as a way of welcoming the new season.


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  2. nice headdress!!

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  3. ah this is such a cute idea! amazing you got it to stay on haha! x

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