Tuesday, 2 October 2012

places to visit: Portobello Market

Last Saturday afternoon, I braved the crowds and ventured down Portobello road to immerse myself in history and pretty objects. If you've never been to Portobello market before (situated in the trendy heart of Notting Hill, West London) then here is what to expect: old fashioned photos alive with character, arcades packed with resplendent jewellery, intriguing and pleasing to the eye bric-a-brac and aged cameras waiting to be handled once again by passionate photographers. Enthusiasts of a traditional cup of tea will be delighted by the many stools of charming china and delicately designed teacups and saucers. Oh and Steiff bears with spectacles? Adorable.

Speaking of adorable, how cute is my H! by Henry Holland jumper? When I mentioned a while ago I loved rabbits, I wasn't kidding.


  1. oh wow! I've always been so desperate to go to Portobello Market after the song in bedknobs and broomsticks! xx


  2. thanks for showing mt what Portobello market looks like thru ur beautiful lens.
    Nice photos and place!


  3. It´s really cool place :)


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