Wednesday, 7 November 2012

midweek musings

Who would ever have thought that biker jackets- the tough, attitude driven, cool kids of fashion- could be made to look cute and innocent? More to the point, who would be able to create such a juxtaposed item of clothing and make it look good? Only the playfully creative London-based duo Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff! Yep, Meadham Kirchhoff have designed three cropped biker jackets exclusively for Net a Porter and it's the two above that really made my fashion senses tingle with excitement. I think it's the fact they look like they've been scribbled on by small children (and I am a completely sucker for the colour turquoise which is probably the predominant reason for being drawn to the first jacket) and then rounded off with a cute motif on the back. I think it's also the fact that they are something a little bit different and have the brand's aesthetics scrawled all over it. But mainly, I've never really liked cropped biker jackets...until now.


  1. Ohh bloody hell I LOVE the second jacket :| xx

  2. Oh wow, the first one is definitely my favourite. Thanks for stopping by my blog! xxx

  3. Soooo nice!
    And thanks for the sweet comment =)

  4. I m In love with this Jackets! OMG, Want!
    Kisses from Miami


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