Sunday, 18 November 2012


It probably seems like forever ago now when Allessandra Ambrossio (who was the lucky angel to model the $2.7 million fantasy bra- elegantly decorated in pink, green and gold florals with a 20-carat diamond hanging from its center) walked out with dainty pink flowers blossoming from behind her shoulders and vibrant green leaves hanging from her pale knickers.It probably seems equally as long ago when Adriana Lima played the role of circus ringleader sporting a red and yellow jacket rich with opulence and a long trail and a shimmering black bra with matching high-waisted knickers, chalk-white gloves and a bowler hat in hand. Do you remember Joan Smalls unleashing her wild side in a tiger print jacket complete with tail and wings consisting of gold hoops with glimmering flames? or the array of flirtatious and delicate feathers including Constance Jablonski's fabulously flamboyant turquoise feathered wings which descended to the ground with pink bows and gold swirly bars? And how could we forget Karlie Kloss in the conroversial Red Indian headdress? But no matter how long ago it feels (7th November), looking at many of the most beautiful women in fashion showing off glamorous underwear and perfectly toned bodies is still as engaging as it was that evening.
That's why I thought I might as well share these backstage snaps, courtesy of Kevin Tachman at, because they seem to highlight what the annual show is about: extravagance, luxury and fun and how could we ever tire of that?!


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  5. ahaha aww i love these pictures, pretty dang vivid!

  6. love Victoria's Secret <3

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