Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christopher Kane Pre-Fall 2013

I LOVE CHRISTOPHER KANE. Have I ever mentioned that? I have always had a lustful attraction to his clothing (made more so by the galaxy-themed 2011 resort) and the sight of a new collection would fill me with excitable glee. Just last month I thought this allurement was finally dying down but as I wondered around Liberty department store forming an imaginary wish-list in my mind, I caught sight of the red and grey leopard print biker and in a unstoppable manner dashed over to touch it as though it was some kind of treasured possession that nobody else should be allowed to get their hands on but me. A friendly sales assistant came over and asked if I needed any help. When I replied "no thank you, I'm just browsing" she then offered me 10% discount. Sigh. Not any 10% discount will supply me with enough money to own a current piece of Christoper Kane clothing. And alas, it appears this weird fetish isn't going to die down any time soon as the Pre-fall collection is far too appealing.

I can picture myself wearing the dresses to non-existent events, the jumper on days out with friends, the shorts on summer strolls and the coats on a snowy winter's day. He has revisited previous prints and shapes and combined all fabulous aspects into one collection and there is even the occurrence of Swarovski crystal necklaces adding an extra special touch. Seriously, what is not to love?


  1. So much gorgeousness in one post! I love Christopher Kane and I am in love with the last dress on the top row, it's so lovely. I occasionally go for a wander around the top floor of Selfridges to drool over all the gorgeous clothes and the sales assistants are NEVER nice, this one seems lovely and to offer you a 10% discount?!

  2. amazing pieces and color palette! great designer.... I feel truly inspired!
    Kisses from Miami!

  3. yet again he never fails to make a beautiful collection! love his pieces

    hope you'll visit back

  4. love christopher kane. always a winner!


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