Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's day!

Love is late night cuddles and cute kisses on the lips
it's an expensive box of chocolates
Love is walking hand in hand along the beach
and a candle-lit dinner at night
Love is giggling at each other's jokes
it's a surprise breakfast in bed
Love is saying "you're beautiful" in the most appreciative way
and all the other Valentine's cliches.

This themed post has certainly developed from last year's. (Although, having said that, I'd still like to be wearing Meadham Kirchhoff with Josh Groban singing his cover of Mumford and Son's 'Sigh No More' to me. And my rabbit Seb is still my valentine) At any given opportunity, Wish Upon A Smile's Tasnim and I are all for getting together and blogging up something special and, with February being the occurrence of Valentines day (Not sure if you would have heard of it. It's kind of underrated..), we thought it was the perfect time to revisit our 'secret garden' and photograph some outfits.

My blouse is originally from but I cut out some felt hearts and sewed them onto the collar for a mushy touch and the flower crown was self-made using faux flowers I had in my bedroom. As for Tas, she's given her statement preppiness a romantic touch with the pastel pink and white- a combination that's as adorable as that smile of hers.

Keeping with the theme, I used my weekend afternoons to add my Valentine's twist on some simple, baking classics: coconut shortbread in heart shapes, dipped in melted chocolate; a fruit tart filled with chocolate mousse; red velvet inspired cupcakes- white chocolate chips hidden in the sponge and buttercream sprinkled with white and dark chocolate. Suffice to say, I ate them alone. (Just kiddin'. I shared them with my family, of course) Happy Valentine's day!


  1. thanks for being a great date!;)


  2. ah you both look lovely! & the food! yummers. x

  3. The blouse is really cute and I love the adjustment you did on the collar ;)
    Thank you for your nice comment

    Have a nice weekend,

  4. such cute pics xx

  5. gorgeous blog!
    wanna follow each other? just followed you on GFC :)

  6. Such an adorable top! Hope you had a great Valentine's day. x

  7. you blouse is really cute! love it :)

  8. Your top is so adorable, love it so much! The berry pie looks amazing too x

  9. It all looks so amazing!

    - Keyta

  10. that's a guilty pleasure table;}}}x

  11. Love that shirt & floral crown! such a cute look :)



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