Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Happy pancake day!

Whoever came up with the idea of pancake day and was able to turn it into a yearly event is a genius. Pancakes are great eaten whenever but a day dedicated to them? YUM. 
How awesome are these delicious jewellery pieces, which can all be found on etsy.com? I thought they suited the occasion rather well, especially the ring which literally looks good enough to eat.

Speaking of eating, how do you like your pancakes? American-style smothered in syrup? Or breakfast style with fresh fruit? I took to the sweet and savoury options because I'm both indecisive and greedy. Dinner consisted of a filling of kale and tomatoes, served with sweet potatoes while dessert was coconut pancakes oozing with ice cream and topped with chocolate and fruit. Am I making you hungry? I hope so.


  1. Hi!

    I love pancakes too, european style with nutella are the best! And smoothies like you hade 2 posts ago goes great with it ^^

    Would you like to participate giveaway? It's going on my blog right now :)

  2. Oh man my stomach is rumbling, after all my excitement I didn't fancy pancakes yesterday but I might have a pancake weekend! x

  3. aww cute pictures! pancakes are amazing, the last picture made me so hungry xo

  4. The jewellery pieces are SO cute! If I had them though I would want to eat pancakes everytime I saw them :D x Hayley-Eszti



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