Sunday, 10 February 2013


A city dweller, an urban rambler
a lover of the lights, a lover of the sights
the buildings are her heartbeat, keeping her senses alive
the streets are her catwalk of which she owns with every stride

She is not troubled by a single thing, her attitude's calm and content
she's a skyscraper of style with a skyline of ambitions
strengthened by the inspiration from a land that never sleeps

I'd love my wardrobe to be filled with clothes from Rebecca Minkoff (above) and Rag and Bone (below) who have city style down to a tee. For days when 'dressing up' seems a chore and slipping on a pair of rugged jeans, a nonchalant form of knitwear and a slick jacket adorned with leather seems much more to your taste, these Fall collections could not be more fitting.

Having been a young child who enjoyed playing in mud, skateboarding and football as much as I did socialising with my Barbies, there are still moments in my life where I take delight in letting out my inner tomboy. Thankfully, with the help of these collections, if ever in doubt I know I can turn to Rebecca's and Rag and Bone's creations as the perfect source of inspiration.


  1. love it! the collections at NYFW this year were amazing!


  2. RAG & BONE is my looooove this NYFW!

  3. These are such great photo's, great inspiration!

  4. great post, love all these collections x

  5. i'm your new follower :)))

  6. Love the leather accents :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. love the striped trousers!<3

  8. great post, love all these collections.Amazing clicks!!



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