Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Can you spot a theme?

Today my mum and I hopped on a train to a not-so-distant land filled with brilliantly blossomed flowers, quaint and quirky ornaments and an adorable Yorkshire Terrier named Dinky who's unfortunately at an age where he coughs uncontrollably when excited (i.e. a lot). Yes, it could only be the home of Linda and Alan: old family friends whose bungalow is always full of character and charm like them themselves.

I attempted to make them some doggy cupcakes, consisting of chocolate chip sponge, chocolate buttercream and icing figures, and the necklace is a latest addition to my jewellery collection. It was originally a key-ring from Harrods but through the power of DIY I transformed it into a necklace knowing I would get lots more use out of it. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week :-)

On the playlist: Frank Turner Recovery; The Virgins Teen Lovers; Jay Jay Pistolet We Are Free


  1. mm those cupcakes look gorgeous! Thank you for your comment! x

  2. you're the only a little bit foody blog that I like! They are always such brilliant creations and not in a cheap taste :)

  3. LOVE your dog! adorable!
    Kisses from Miami,

  4. What a fun little adventure you had! I LOVE dogs sooooo much! And your cupcakes turned out so cute!! :)

  5. Cute photos! I'm guessing you're a dog person? :D

  6. Lovely photos, they are very adorable. You look very cute, I love your hair ^.^

    xx, Jackie


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