Monday, 8 April 2013

lazy monday

Sweater Urban Outfitters; Jeans Current/Elliott; Necklace Joya; Bracelet Flash Trash Girl; Bag Valentino; Shoes Converse

The sound of the alarm going off in the morning is like the sound of vexatious devils calling you to the pits of hell. Opening the bedroom curtains is like opening a gate to your deepest, darkest nightmares and when moving around the house preparing yourself for the day, energy levels are as a high as a flimsy zombie with no notion of what is meant to be going on. For many, Monday's suck. No matter how hard you try to shun the emotion away, the feeling of complete laziness takes over and the statement 'I just can't be bothered' becomes a motto of your day. Therefore, there is nothing more sartorially satisfying that throwing on an oversized sweater, a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans (see cheaper version here) and scruffy, over-worn converses to see in the new week.

For me, however, every day is a weekend as I'm still on my Easter holidays which means I can wake up to coconut pancakes with fresh fruit and stay in my pajamas until four in the afternoon whether it's a Monday, a Thursday or Saturday. Bliss. 


  1. ajaaa we sure do loveee holidays! + want a pair of dem jeans, gurl

  2. You have very strong emotions towards Mondays! and I'm right there with you lol.

    I've been really into striped lately so I love that top!


  3. Love the outfit darling!
    It's very well put together !


  4. I love your blog. :) Would you be interested to follow each other via GFc and bloglovin. If so, you will find all the details on my blog and do let me know. I will be happy to follow you back asap.

    Hoping to hear from you soon

    Much love

  5. Love those jeans, I really want some like that for summer
    Daniella x

  6. the bag looks really nice-please check out our new blog post and feel free to leave a comment ;-) xx


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