Friday, 5 October 2012

la camisa

Burberry Prorsum, Creatures of the Wind, Holly Fulton, Paul & Joe, Chanel
A shirt can tell a lot about a person. Given the variety of styles a shirt can come in, you will undoubtedly find the perfect one for you and a specific occasion. It can be the most simple yet effective way to change from day wear to evening wear. By exchanging your denim for lace, or checks for a glamorous metallic, you can unleash that ideal personality to fit your mood. A shirt can define an era. Ruffled and elegant, cheesy and bold, baggy and careless, the list can go on.

Now that fashion month has ended and style enthusiasts everywhere are reflecting on what to expect during a season that seems an eternity away, I thought I'd pick out some of my favourite shirts-an item which, as a whole, never goes away.

I was delighted when the sweet-wrapper metallics from the menswear collection made an appearance on the women at Burberry Prorsum. The moment I saw the green and blue shininess, pictured above, I imagined wearing it with a pair of leather shorts strolling through the city. Sigh.
Holly Fulton's LA inspired summer-wear is perfection. Sea blues and fun patterns make up the ever lively, Fulton-fueled clothing and I'm particular loving the blue rosy number with its preppy stripes across the chest.
And there are so many congenial pieces at Chanel that I just had to mention the collection in here somewhere.

As for street style, these were captured by the photographers over at Vogue HQ. Whether it's designer or vintage, or the trustworthy high street how do you like to wear your shirts?


  1. I like your blog.
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  2. Gorgeous post, i like the new york, paris, london, and milan rundown photos!

    Rose x

  3. Love the blouses!


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